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Fit nourishing, quick and tasty food into your busy family life

Staying healthy can be hard

It’s a struggle finding the time to plan healthy meals, do the shopping and cook every day after work when so much is already demanded of you. You know you should eat well for your health and your family’s, but it just adds to the pressure. You might lack inspiration and feel stuck in a food rut, making the same meals time and again, and the guilt starts to creep in… I get it. I’m a mum of two young boys, run my own business and, yep, it’s tough. The mental load is real. We are all doing our best, but it would feel great to get a bit of control back – and you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

I'm Harri, Beanpod founder

I’m here to teach you how to get on top of your food and health woes without needing to resort to those expensive meal box schemes. I help you reduce the overwhelm by showing you tested cooking methods and giving you tailored nutrition guidance that suit your individual family’s needs. My training as a Natural Chef and Health Coach gives me a unique ability to personalise individual approaches which suit you and your lifestyle. Approaches that work around your routine, your food preferences, your life.

Cooking healthy, tasty and filling meals doesn't have to feel like a chore

Simplifying this aspect of your life will free up mental energy and time for other things in life that really matter, like having fun! You might even find that those niggly issues you have been putting to the bottom of your priority list - I’m talking about low energy, cravings, disrupted sleep, poor skin, weight gain - they start to fade away with your improved nutrition, and you can experience life with more vitality and energy than ever.


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I want you to put yourself first, focus on your health and see how incredible you can feel

Nic, Summer Salads Cooking Workshop

"The Saturday session was brilliant. I’ve been telling my family and friends all about it! I felt inspired to make some changes and I am definitely going to get some essentials for my cupboards so that I can recreate . Thank you Harri you are fabulous."

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