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family health & food review

Do you worry that your family isn’t eating as well as it should be? 

Do you get confused with the conflicting nutrition advice out there? Do you wish someone could just come into your kitchen and make sure your meals are healthy and well balanced all the time?


Maybe you're stuck in a rut cooking the same meals on repeat and you need some inspiration! Or you want help managing your weight in a healthy way and get some tips for your kid’s meals at the same time?

Book a Family Health & Food Review with me

This 90-minute session gives you the ideal opportunity to get clear on what healthy family meals look like, get some personal guidance to improve your wellbeing (let’s prioritise you!) and make some simple healthy swaps straight away.

Changing the way you eat doesn’t have to be hard – the Family Health & Food Review is designed to help you start by prioritizing the most impactful changes, while keeping it simple with small, actionable steps.


Content tailored to you

I will ask you to fill in a simple questionnaire beforehand, and during the session we can chat through any worries and goals. The session is personal to you and your needs, and in addition to the above we could also include:

Image by Annie Spratt

A kitchen walk-around with store cupboard, fridge and freezer reviews

Image by Scott Warman

A meal planning lesson with shopping list guidance

Image by Alfred Kenneally

Cookbooks and recipes for inspiration

In person or online

The Family Health & Energy Review can take place in person or online via video or phone call. 


Recipes & Blog

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