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I'm Harri, Beanpod Founder

I help busy people take the stress out of cooking wholesome, healthy food. As a mum of two young boys and someone who runs my own business, I know how the demands of work, home and family constantly pull at you. It’s all very well to say cooking from scratch is the best way to stay healthy, but after a long day at work wrestling with children and chores, it’s understandable that we don’t always have the time, energy, or motivation.

Cook yourself healthy

I show you cooking methods that help you consistently make feel-good food, that is quick, simple, and delicious, using natural ingredients, without breaking the bank. With such a hectic lifestyle, I bet there are times when your health takes a dip? Mine certainly does.


I get too stressed and my digestion slows down – I feel bloated and sluggish. Kids wake up in the night, and I crave carbs the next day. Longer term too, food choices have an impact on sleep, skin and of course weight. As a Nutrition Coach, I support and motivate my clients to create real, long-lasting change. I help you make healthy eating the norm – forming new habits that fit around your food preferences, your routine, your life. My approach not only helps clients with what to eat but holds you accountable in actually doing it.

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Let me help you put yourself first, ease the stress of cooking healthily, and shift your relationship with food.


My Studies

I decided to study for the Natural Chef Diploma from the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) in 2018, eager to turn my passion for healthy cooking into a career. As soon as I set foot in the professional kitchen at CNM, I got the bug. I’ve never looked back. Two children later, and I left the corporate world. I wanted to work in food but needed my job to fit around my own hectic family life.


I also wanted my work to make an impact on people (my husband often tells me I’ve got a giant empathy gland). So, I completed a Health Coaching course with Zest4Life, and now I not only help people with what to eat and how to cook it, but I have an approach to follow during every session that feels consistently positive and really works to achieve lasting change. I love learning and as a member of the Association for Naturopathic Practitioners (ANP), I keep myself up to date with the latest in food science and nutrition.

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My Approach

Together, my Natural Chef and Health Coach training give me a unique ability to tailor individual approaches and support my clients who all need something slightly different. It could be that some clients need more accountability and less practical cooking advice, while others need less motivation and more in the way of methods they can use repeatedly to simplify the cooking process.


My TV win!

In early 2017, I applied to be a contestant on a BBC1 TV cooking show called Yes Chef, you know, as you do. It turns out I was actually pretty good at this cooking thing as I ended up winning (culinary royalty Pierre Koffman, the triple-michelin starred chef was the judge)! I had professional chefs telling me I was an amazing cook, which gave me the confidence to make it a career. (It’s not available on iPlayer, I’ve looked).

I want you to put yourself first, focus on your health and see how incredible you can feel.


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