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Give your employees a unique experience with bespoke health talks, fun recipe demonstrations, cook-alongs and hands on culinary workshops

Treating your employees to a Beanpod talk, demo, cook-along or workshop means your employees go away feeling inspired to cook from scratch with new ingredients, and educated in nutrition.

We can even use health coaching exercises to leave employees feeling focused and motivated to make some healthy changes to their lifestyle. This could mean adding more self-care into their lives, booking that fitness class they’ve been thinking about or arranging to meet up with the mates that have grown distant. 

See below for services and prices.

Harry Fitzgerald Smith - Consultant & Soulbeing Lead @ Deloitte Digital

"The session was a hit with an overwhelming turnout of people feeling like they got something they could take away from Harriet’s session. Her fresh perspective on educating people around nutrition and making it engaging is something that can be hard to come across, and we cannot wait to continue working with her again in the future."

I'm Harri, ex-Deloitte consultant and Beanpod founder

Having worked at Deloitte Consulting in London for a decade, I can relate to how hard it is find the time and energy to eat healthily. The corporate world brings stress and pressure which, without respite, is detrimental to our physical and mental wellbeing.

As a trained Natural Chef (College of Naturopathic Medicine) and Health Coach, my engaging corporate services inspire and educate your employees, showing them how to take the stress out of cooking wholesome, healthy food.


Let's chat and I will provide you with a tailored quote

Tailored and topic based subject matter

If you have a corporate wellbeing programme or an awareness day calendar, let me know and I’ll tailor my content around it. I could even provide a package of events over the course of the year. 

Below you’ll find a sample of relevant, topical content:

Tofu Salad

Quick, healthy lunches on the go

For those ‘no time in-between meetings’ days

Image by micheile dot com

Skipping breakfast?

Breakfast ideas to balance your energy all day long


Culinary therapy

Cooking as a therapeutic

tool in managing stress

Image by Calum Lewis

Quick and healthy midweek meals

Keep your family well fed with some 30 minute recipes

Blog & Recipe Image template - 2048x1366 px_bars_edited.jpg

When the slump strikes

Chase off the mid-afternoon lull with healthy snacks


Budget friendly food

Keeping costs low while keeping nutrition high

In person or online

I can provide talks, recipe demos and cook-alongs in-person or online. My more interactive workshops are in-person only. I live in Peterborough and can travel to London easily, or can go elsewhere by train or car as long as it's not too far.

Services & Prices

1. Nutrition talk

£425 in person | £375 virtual

An informative and engaging dive into a particular topic on nutrition. Expect myth busting and simple takeaways.

Minimum 30 mins.

2. Recipe demo
£75 in person | £50 virtual

Your very own personal cooking show! I demo a recipe tailored to the talk, that is healthy, delicious and simple to prepare.

3. Cook-along
£100 virtual

A recipe demo where everyone makes the recipe alongside me. A fun and interactive option!

Virtual only.

4. Workshop
£45 per person, per hour

My workshops include a talk as well as guests getting messy, cooking with my personal guidance. Give your employees the best of me with this memorable experience.

2 hours to full-day. Minimum 5 people. In person only.

5. Personal consultations
£25 for 15 mins | £45 for 30 mins

In person or virtually, your employees benefit from an empowering 1-1 personal coaching session.

More good stuff

Recipe cards, recipe packs, e-books and Q&A sessions can be added to any of the above at a small cost.

Taster Sessions

Every month, I offer a handful of one-off sessions to new clients. These may be enough to make a good impact or might help you discover if you would like to work with me longer term to support you on your health journey.

Image by Annie Spratt

Pantry Review & Simple Swaps

60 minutes - £95

Fill in my pantry produce list in your own time, (who even has pantries nowadays, this is just a list of the non-refrigerated foods) then over 1 hour, we discuss your food choices and buying habits, and decide on some healthy, easy swaps with some recipe guidance to boot.

Image by Jonathan Borba

Family Health Review

90 minutes - £120

If you’re concerned about your family’s eating habits, worried your kids eat too much sugar (it’s a common one) or portion sizes confuse you, let’s talk it through. I’ll give you some nutrition guidance, food recommendations and helpful tips.

Image by Brooke Lark

Personal Health & Energy Review

90 minutes - £120

If you’re tired of feeling tired, you struggle with that mid-afternoon energy slump, or want to curb those cravings, the Personal Health and Energy Review is for you. Together, we get clarity and set targeted actions to benefit you instantly. Expect to be motivated and educated all in 90 mins.


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