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Nutritious, easy to follow and delicious recipes from a College of Naturopathic Medicine trained Natural Chef


Better for your health and kinder to our planet

My recipes meet the needs of busy family people who are conscious about the food they put in their bodies, but also conscious of the climate crisis that we can’t ignore. Since the pandemic, a lot of us are spending more time at home, and more time in the kitchen. We are more aware than ever of our health and wellbeing, as well as the health of our planet. Plant based diets are becoming the norm, we are reducing our intake of meat for health as well as environmental reasons, and of course the spiraling cost of food has made an impact on how we live.

Send me your brief

Send me your recipe requirements and I’ll get in touch to bounce ideas around and check we’re a good fit. I relish the challenge of developing recipes for a certain theme – whether it’s vegan, vegetarian, budget, slow cooker, one-pots, salads, or a certain health topic such as balancing blood sugar.

My knowledge and training equip me with the tools but it’s my passion in turning the most ordinary ingredients into something delicious (and hatred of waste) that make Beanpod recipes unique. My creations are always rigorously tested in my brand new purpose built home test kitchen.

Get in touch

My personal touch

My approach to my work is always personal. After all, food tastes are such a personal thing. My recipe intros are informative, giving nutritional benefits of the ingredients as well as my personal foodie musings – appealing to both the health conscious and the foodies out there. I always provide notes after the recipe which mention how to make a recipe vegan or gluten free if it isn’t already, as well as other relevant titbits of tasty info that I think will help the home cook.


This courgette salad is simple and quick, but packs a flavour punch with roasted tomatoes, basil and tangy feta. Grains are full of nutrients and high in protein, and cooking the tomatoes increases their lycopene levels, a super powerful anti-oxidant which plays a role in preventing heart disease and other chronic illnesses.

Budget friendly recipes for busy family folks

People increasingly want healthy recipes to incorporate into their daily lives, to keep themselves and their families healthy and happy, but fit within a family budget. These recipes need to be quick – with a list of healthy ingredients that are economical and easy to get hold of.

Meat free, budget friendly, delicious and above all quick, Beanpod recipes fill a gap in the market for complete meals – balanced and hearty crowd pleasers.


Nutrition Coaching


Corporate Wellbeing

Taster Sessions

Every month, I offer a handful of one-off sessions to new clients. These may be enough to make a good impact or might help you discover if you would like to work with me longer term to support you on your health journey.

Image by Annie Spratt

Pantry Review & Simple Swaps

60 minutes - £95

Fill in my pantry produce list in your own time, (who even has pantries nowadays, this is just a list of the non-refrigerated foods) then over 1 hour, we discuss your food choices and buying habits, and decide on some healthy, easy swaps with some recipe guidance to boot.

Image by Jonathan Borba

Family Health Review

90 minutes - £120

If you’re concerned about your family’s eating habits, worried your kids eat too much sugar (it’s a common one) or portion sizes confuse you, let’s talk it through. I’ll give you some nutrition guidance, food recommendations and helpful tips.

Image by Brooke Lark

Personal Health & Energy Review

90 minutes - £120

If you’re tired of feeling tired, you struggle with that mid-afternoon energy slump, or want to curb those cravings, the Personal Health and Energy Review is for you. Together, we get clarity and set targeted actions to benefit you instantly. Expect to be motivated and educated all in 90 mins.


Recipes & Blog

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