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nutrition coaching

Get healthy for good with Nutrition Coaching

If you want healthy eating to become second nature but life gets in the way of eating nutritious foods consistently, you may need some support on your journey, and I’ve got your back. Nutrition coaching is a purely positive method of helping you to adjust your eating habits, change your mindset and achieve your health goals.


I listen and learn about your life

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I tailor guidance around you and your family

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We focus on your achievements, nothing else


I am your accountability partner

If you’re ready to prioritise your health, and learn how to regularly fit tasty, nutritious and quick to prepare meals into your life, my nutrition coaching could be right for you.

1-1 Coaching Client 

"I feel healthier, more awake throughout the day. I don't need a coffee in the morning. The snacking has stopped throughout the day and at night. I don't seem to crave sweets and crisps anymore. 
I know how to better plan meals when there is a busy week ahead and when there is not enough time."

Nutrition Coaching Programmes

To make sure everyone I work with has the support needed to achieve their goals, I have developed three nutrition coaching programmes with different levels of support.

During our first complimentary call, we will chat about your needs and goals and which programme will be most successful for you individually.


All three programmes last for 12 weeks and take place online, over the phone and email.

Programmes offer either weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly coaching sessions.

Read on for details and prices of each programme: Kick Starter, Signature Dish and Chef's Table.

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Kick Starter

3 x 50 minute sessions - once per month
Go guilt free in a few simple sessions

Kick-Starter is designed to help you make a few big changes, quickly. Always tailored to you, Kick-Starter can include simple food swaps, teach you relevant Beanpod methods (‘Beanpod Does Batch Cooking’ for example) and show you how to cook healthy food that you love, without being a slave in the kitchen. We also use coaching tools to kickstart you on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Email support between sessions.


Peach Yogurt Parfait



Signature Dish

6 x 50 minute sessions - every two weeks
Get serious about your health and nourish yourself with my signature programme

If you are struggling with overwhelm trying to keep everyone in your life happy and healthy, and you often put yourself to the bottom of the priority list, my Signature Dish coaching programme empowers you to put your own health first, whilst organising your family food as well. With the help of nutrition coaching exercises, Signature Dish gives us enough time to support you in adapting your lifestyle, while also providing straightforward nutrition advice and practical cooking guidance that aligns with your life. 

Email support between sessions.


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Chef's Table

3 x 90 min sessions + 6 x 40 min sessions - weekly sessions
Change your mindset as well as your eating habits and make it last for good with my VIP programme of support

Chef’s Table is an intensive, weekly programme of 9 sessions to help you get healthy and stay healthy. We start by going deep on the food in your life and talk about what may be in the way of progress. Together, we figure out the best way to reach your goals using a combination of coaching tools, nutrition education, cooking lessons and tailored recipes. With Chef’s Table, I’m with you every step of the way in your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Whatsapp support between sessions.


Taster Sessions

Every month, I offer a handful of one-off sessions to new clients. These may be enough to make a good impact or might help you discover if you would like to work with me longer term to support you on your health journey.

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Pantry Review & Simple Swaps

60 minutes - £95

Fill in my pantry produce list in your own time, (who even has pantries nowadays, this is just a list of the non-refrigerated foods) then over 1 hour, we discuss your food choices and buying habits, and decide on some healthy, easy swaps with some recipe guidance to boot.

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Family Health Review

90 minutes - £120

If you’re concerned about your family’s eating habits, worried your kids eat too much sugar (it’s a common one) or portion sizes confuse you, let’s talk it through. I’ll give you some nutrition guidance, food recommendations and helpful tips.

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Personal Health & Energy Review

90 minutes - £120

If you’re tired of feeling tired, you struggle with that mid-afternoon energy slump, or want to curb those cravings, the Personal Health and Energy Review is for you. Together, we get clarity and set targeted actions to benefit you instantly. Expect to be motivated and educated all in 90 mins.

I want you to put yourself first, focus on your health and see how incredible you can feel.

Cooking Lessons

If your health is good but you need help reducing the overwhelm of the daily grind by learning practical methods and techniques to cook quick, tasty and healthy family food that fits in the family budget, then Beanpod's personalised cooking lessons are for you.


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